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“We’ve been really inspired by some of the brave stories told by people who have suffered from mental health.” Opening up the charismatic and engaging frontman Shane Callaghan says of the theme of the title track, “We all read some remarkable stories during men’s mental health week and still continue to read about the stresses that people can come under and we thought there’d be nothing better than writing a song about it and pulling in a collection of our experiences and stories in life so far across our debut.”


The title track opens the album and is swiftly followed by balls to the wall ‘Devil Inside Me’, with this hard hitting one-two the band map out their clear intent to entertain, inspire and incite powerful emotions from the off. Highlighting the sonic breadth of the bands sound, the sweeping ballad ‘Live And Die’ and the epic ‘Time Is Over’ are juxtaposed by the swirling ‘Girl You Got Me’ and the defiant anthem ‘Get Out’ which reflects upon some of the nefarious characters that can be met along the way. “It’s a safe bet to say that we have something for everyone and we’ve all been through difficult times in our lives - from emotional break ups, to the ever changing transitions we face and obviously the challenges of losing people close to us. We want our fans and new listeners to pull out their own meaning for themselves from each of our songs.”




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